West Lakes Academy Prospectus

12 LEARNING SUPPORT Staff in the Learning Support Department work with those students who need additional support within school either academically, socially, emotionally or physically. This support is largely offered within mainstream classrooms to ensure that all students are able to access inclusive learning at an appropriate level. Tasks may be modified or differentiated for individual students. Students are also supported at social times if appropriate. The students’ needs cover reading, writing, spelling, numeracy, understanding, communication, self-esteem, self-confidence, behaviour, hearing impairments, visual impairments, co-ordination and mobility. At key stage 3 most support is provided within mainstream classes by learning support assistants who work closely with the class teachers. The curriculum may be modified or differentiated for these students. Some one to one and small group work is also carried out when this is thought to be appropriate. PRAISE STRUCTURE We have a culture where praise, rewards and achievements are accepted and celebrated across our five values of achievement, respect, resilience, appreciation and freedom. We regularly reward students for a wide range of activities, both academic and pastoral, through our reward system at the academy. Students use their achievement points to donate to chosen charities. Each week, members of staff nominate their ‘Subject Learners of the Week’, ‘Tutor Star of the Week’ and our Principal selects her ‘Principal’s Learner of the Week’. Students love receiving these rewards and getting praise from their teachers and tutors. Achievements are also celebrated through a wide variety of mediums, including our website, social media accounts, newsletters and local press. We also hold our Annual Awards event at the end of the year to celebrate and reward the achievements of our students. This is a formal evening attended by our staff, governors, students and their families.