West Lakes Academy Prospectus

15 A TYPICAL DAY Our Year 7 students have produced an example “Day in the Life” of a Year 7. Dear Diary, Today I caught the bus at 8.00am and arrived in school at 8.15am. I sat next to my friends and then went to get my PE Kit out of my locker because I had PE second lesson. Then I had tutor time, where our form tutor checks we have all of our equipment. PE was awesome! We did high jumping today. I didn’t get very high but it was only my first go. My friend Isla jumped nearly 1.5 metres! I really like my English teacher. Today we were writing poems, and I wrote mine about an albatross. It was quite a sad poem about all the superstitions people have about albatrosses. Ben wrote a really funny one about a mole who moved to Spain. It was hilarious! After break, I had drama. We were practising our performance pieces. I used to be a bit shy when I had to perform but I have got used to it now, as everyone has a go and helps each other. I then had lunch outside with my friends as it was such a nice day. We bought some wraps from the canteen and sat on the benches together. In food tech we made fruit salad. I put strawberries, blueberries and grapes in mine. It was a lot of chopping and washing up! Last of all I went to geography. Today our whole class went out of school to do a survey of the local area. We had to listen to traffic noise and look at the different kinds of buildings. It was fun! At 3.30pm it is time for Dance Live! I got changed and started to rehearse. I’ve met loads of people in Year 7 and older year groups at Dance Live. After school I checked EduLink and saw that I had some maths homework to do. I had to draw some graphs in my book. It helps me to keep all my homework in one folder so I don’t lose it!