West Lakes Academy Prospectus

KAIDEN Sixth Form Student Sixth form is a great opportunity for students to achieve greater qualifications and grades than GCSE. It opens up many more pathways for the future, such as degree apprenticeships and university. You are able to choose subjects that you are interested in or feel as though they will be good qualifications to have. In sixth form you are granted with a lot more freedom than the lower years of school and are able to get work done in your independent studies in areas such as the library and common room. The freedom is great for students to work within deadlines and keep up to date on things such as coursework. I chose double business and product design, which in my first year have found to be going well. I chose these subjects as I have an interest in them and they will help me achieve my future aspiration of getting a degree apprenticeship. Based on my first year of sixth form, it is something I would strongly recommend students to think about, due to the opportunities it opens up. VALUES The academy values were chosen by West Lakes Academy students: • RESPECT – we will treat everyone with respect and tolerate everyone for what they choose to do and believe in. • RESILIENCE – we will push ourselves, be determined and keep going in the face of challenges. • APPRECIATION – we will appreciate the opportunities and experiences that come our way, be outgoing and cherish life. • FREEDOM – we will be aware of our rights as a human being but respect and act on the responsibility that comes with those rights. • ACHIEVEMENT – we will strive and have purpose and we will achieve. We will, all of us, succeed. The academy values are celebrated throughout academy life to support our young people to develop these virtues to enable them to apply these into daily life. 05 Year 10 is an exciting year in school because we have the opportunity to go into the real world and do work experience for a week. With the help of the academy, we applied to various places and in March we began our working lives. My work experience took place at a nuclear engineering company where we gained insight into the engineering design process, learned how to draw like an engineer and learned how to make a better cup of tea. Overall the experience and the year was amazing and extremely helpful with what I would like to do in the future.” BEN Year 10 Student Year 11 has been such a brilliant final year. I have been an academy prefect and taken leadership opportunities and such as sharing student voice. We completed our mock exams before our final exams. This was really positive as it gave us the opportunity to practise working in exam conditions. We have had so much support this year with exam pressure. Our end of year was celebrated with a beautiful prom organised by our prom committee and our head of year. I have decided to continue on my West Lakes journey and have applied to join the academy sixth form in September.” ELLEN Year 11 Student