West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form Course Guide

French EDEXCEL A LEVEL Specific entry requirements WLASixthFormentry requirements and aGCSEFrench Grade 7 and above. Content of the course • A Level French builds on the skills taught at GCSE, developing beyond giving a simple opinion from your personal point of view, to developing an understanding of issues in French society. • Topics covered include: the culture of France and French speaking countries, the media, the arts, the place of voluntary work the changing nature of family, immigration, life for the marginalised and multicultural France. • The study of the work of an author from a French speaking country. • The study of a French film. • Students becomemore confident in seeking and conveying information and opinions inFrench. How is the course assessed? • Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation (2 hours) 40% of A Level 80 Marks • Paper 2: Written response to works and Translation (2 hours 40 minutes) 30% of A Level 120 marks • Paper 3: Speaking Test conducted by class teacher. (21-23 minutes which includes 5 minutes preparation) 30% of of A Level 72marks Is this course for you and where could it take you? What can I do with an A Level in French? • A modern language combines well with any other A Level subject. • Languages contribute to the cultural and linguistic richness of our society and to international trade and global citizenship. • The ability to understand and communicate in other languages is increasingly important in our society and in the global economy. • The opportunity to take full advantage of exchange programmes abroad whilst at university, irrespective of the course chosen. • Students have taken a number of career paths having studied languages at A Level, such as event management, business studiesor evenengineering, or undertaking work placements abroad. • Studying French will enable you to learn other languages more easily and is ideal preparation for those wishing to study languages of increasing international importance; such as Chinese or Arabic. West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form Contact Please contact H McCrory mccroryh@westlakesmat.org.uk 20