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Psychology AQA A LEVEL Specific entry requirements For you to apply to study A Level Psychology you need to have achieved: five 9-5 grades at GCSE, a minimum of a 6 in GCSE Biology or additional science and a minimum of a 6 in mathematics and English at GCSE. Due to a limited number of available places, additional entrance criteria may be applied. Content of the course This qualification offers an engaging and effective introduction to psychology. Students will learn the fundamentals of the subject and develop skills valued by Higher Education and employers, includingcritical analysis, independent thinking and research. First year of A Level Module 1: Social Influence Module 2: Memory Module 3: Attachment Module 4: Approaches in psychology Module 5: Psychopathology Module 6: Research Methods Second year of A Level Module 7: Biopsychology Module 8: Issues and debates in psychology Option 1: Relationships; Gender; Cognitive development Option 2: Schizophrenia; Eating behaviour; Stress Option 3: Aggression; Forensic psychology; Addiction www.aqa.org.uk/subjects/psychology/as-and-a-level/ psychology-7181-7182 How is the course assessed? The A Level course is assessed by three written exams that are each 2 hours long and will include multiple choice questions, short answer questions and extended writing questions. Each is worth 96marks and contributes equally to the final A-level grade. • Paper 1: Introductory topics in psychology (modules 1-4 above) • Paper 2: Psychology in context (modules5-7 above) • Paper 3: Issues and opinions in psychology (module 8 and option module) Is this course for you and where could it take you? Psychology, as the scientific study of the mind and human behaviour, is a challenging and academic course. Apart from a career as a professional psychologist, studying psychology is a great choice for people who want to work in social care, mental health, education, business, research, sports and more. It offers many transferable skills that are valued bymany different types of employers. Contact Please contact Miss M Stott stottm@westlakesmat.org.uk West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form 31