West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form Course Guide

Transport School Transport - Subsidised Buses Cumbria County Council does not support transport for students beyond Year 11. Working with the council, we have arranged to take up any spare capacity on the school buses, which serve the academy and can make these seats available to all Year 12 and 13 students at a subsidised rate; this was £442 per year in 2021-22 and will be reviewed for 2022-23. The academy is however required to request the seats by June 2022 and we ask therefore that you apply for a ‘bus pass’ on the application form that will be enclosed with the letter received after your interview. Places on the CCC school buses are getting tighter and therefore we need to make it clear that parents should be aware that they will need to ensure that they have transport arrangements available, should no space be available on school buses. Students who are uncertain as to whether they will be attending West Lakes Academy Sixth Form will be able to apply for a seat through this scheme but this will obviously depend upon spare seats being available on the route you wish to use. It is unfortunate that this situation is imposed upon the academy and the proposals here are aimed to offer subsidised transport for as many students as we can and to spread the cost. Payment will be required before September 1st so that passes can be issued for the start of the Autumn term. To enable us to effectively negotiate bus places on specific routes please can you inform us via email or telephone whether or not you will be applying through West Lakes Academy for a bus pass for a sixth form student. (To be able to apply for a pass you must live within our catchment area and outside of a two mile ‘safe walking route’). Sadly we do not have the option to commission new bus routes so we can only offer places on our established catchment bus routes. If you are concerned about the financial implications of having to purchase a bus pass please arrange to speak to myself or a pastoral representative. We have a sixth form bursary to which applications can be made to ensure that financial circumstances are not a barrier to any student accessing post 16 education. Yours faithfully, Andrew Haslop Karis Orr Diane Brown Head of Pastoral Head Pastoral Head Sixth Form of Sixth Form of Sixth Form West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form 36