West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form Course Guide

Which subjects are essent ial and desi rable for your chosen univers i ty course? SUBJECT ESSENTIAL ADVANCED LEVEL QUALIFICATIONS USEFUL ADVANCED LEVEL QUALIFICATIONS Sociology None Sociology, Psychology, Geography, Computing/Computer Science. Spanish Spanish (somedegrees will alsoconsider French, German or Italian) Another Modern Foreign Language, English Literature, History, Politics. Speech Therapy Some universities want a science such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics. Some Specify Biology, but some degrees will consider candidates with none of these. A modern foreign language (for example, French,German, Spanish, Italian), English Language (and Literature), Psychology. Sports Science / Physical Education Many courses want to see one from Biology/Chemistry/Mathematics/Physics (some courses will treat Physical Education as a science. Physical Education, Psychology. Surveying None For some types of Surveying e.g. Building Surveying, Mathematics and Physics could be helpful. For EstateManagement (General PracticeSurveyingmost ALevel combinations will be considered. Teacher Training At least one from Art, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, Design and Technology, Drama (Theatre Studies), English, French, Geography, German, History, ICT, Italian, Mathematics, Music, Physics, Physical Education, Religious Studies (Theology), Spanish. Another of the subjects listed. Veterinary Science You should do Chemistry and Biology and one fromMathematics/Physics so that you have all universities open to you. West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form 41