West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form Course Guide

What courses should I be cons idering to achieve the best outcomes? PATHWAY CHALLENGE ACADEMIC BLENDED SPECIALIST OUTCOMES AND GOAL Students following this pathway will tend to read courses at Russell Group universities or Oxbridge. Students following this route should be aiming to achieve 9s, 8s and 7s in their outcomes. Students following these pathways follow a wide range of routes. They will either attend a range of universities reading pure or applied courses. They will also seek advanced apprenticeships through local and national providers. Students following this pathway tend to seek advanced apprenticeships through local and national providers, some students also seek employment directly after their studies finish. NOTES To follow this pathway you must select two courses from the Academic pathway and one from the Specialist pathway or vice versa. If you only select one course from a pathway you MUST follow this course for two years. Biology Art and Design Business (BTEC) single or double Chemistry Fine Art Applied Science (BTEC) single or Forensic Science English Literature D&T: Food technology Health and Social Care (BTEC)singleor double French D&T: Product Design Physical Education (BTEC) Mathematics English Language IT and Creative Digital Media Production (BTEC) Further Mathematics Drama and Theatre Studies BTEC Engineering Physics Media Studies Spanish Music Psychology* Sociology Geography Art (Textiles) History West Lakes Academy - Sixth Form 42