Cody Gets the Chop for Charity

A student at West Lakes Academy recently had 16 inches of hair chopped off to donate to the Little Princess Trust.
Cody’s hair will now be used to make a wig for a young person who has lost their hair through cancer treatment or illness.

Cody commented, “I recently watched some videos of girls cutting their hair off to donate to charity, which inspired me as it looked like a nice thing to do. Some people might not feel very comfortable losing their hair due to illness, but I had lots of hair so I thought if I could donate mine it could make a big difference to someone. I was nervous about getting so much hair cut off but also happy that it could help someone else.”

Cody’s head of year, Jessica Kelly commented, “I’m really proud of Cody, it is an amazing, selfless act. Cody was originally going to donate 7 inches but saw on the website they had a shortage of 16 inch hair, so she decided to cut even more off than she originally planned. Well done Cody!”