WLA Celebrate A Level Results

West Lakes Academy staff and students receive their 2022 A Level results.

Principal, James Jackson said:

“Cumbrian schools are proud to serve our children, their families and the communities they come from. Over the last two years due to the Covid 19 pandemic this, for sustained periods has been a trying time, for both students and staff. The achievements of the students are all the more special given the challenges they faced while studying over the last two years. We congratulate them all on the manner in which they have coped in these quite extraordinary times.”

“The majority of students will be pleased with their results and will have the keys to go onto to their anticipated destinations in September. Their results reflect their hard work, their dedication and the support they received from their teachers and families.”

“The adaptations to the exam series this year has allowed for the students to take their exams in a manner as close to a normal year as possible. Whilst these changes were not always ideal, the students should be rightly proud of their grades and should in no way think they are diminished by the small number of changes they were afforded.”

“It is only right that we recognise that the variability in how students and schools were affected by Covid19 means that any meaningful comparison between schools is simply inappropriate. It is for this reason that we would caution against such comparisons and instead encourage everyone to focus on the success of our students and celebrate their achievements as individuals with their own story to tell.”

“We congratulate all the young people on their achievements today and wish them all every success in the future.”

Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form, Andrew Haslop, added:

“It is a privilege to see so many ecstatic students receiving what can only be described as another set of fantastic results for themselves and also West Lakes Academy. These students committed themselves to two years of intensive study that has culminated in some exceptional outcomes. The most important thing about these results however is that they will secure a route not only for our students to further their education as far afield as the USA or London but to also begin higher and advanced level apprenticeships within the local area and to share their learning and achievements with the local and global communities into which they now enter.”

The academy is thrilled to announce a number of outstanding individual performances with high grades being achieved across the wide range of A Levels and equivalent qualifications:

Eva Doyle, has achieved 3 A* grades in Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths

Chloe Fawcett, has achieved A English Lang, A* Media Studies, Distinction* Performing Arts

Sam Potter, has achieved Distinction* Business Studies, A* English Language, A* History, A Sociology

Sam Wordsworth, has achieved Distinction* and Distinction in Double Business Studies, B History

Rebecca Smith, has achieved A* Biology, A Chemistry, A Maths