Year 7 Transition 2024


Welcome to the WLA Transition page. You can find lots of information here to help you and your family as you prepare to join us in September 2024. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Academy on Wednesday 3rd July for Taster Day. In the meantime, please spend some time familiarising yourself with the information below so that you know what to expect as a Year 7 student at WLA.   We hope this information is helpful and leaves you feeling excited about starting this new chapter with us.

Key Dates

Uniform selling event- West Lakes Academy, Saturday 15th June

Taster day for students- West Lakes Academy, Wednesday 3rd July 08:30 – 15:30

For students who are travelling on school transport, you will be greeted by student ambassadors on each coach. When you arrive at WLA our friendly staff will direct you where to go. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Taster evening for parents- West Lakes Academy, Wednesday 3rd July 17:00 – 19:00

Summer School- West Lakes Academy, Monday 19th August to Friday 23rd August 10am- 3pm


Families join West Lakes Academy because it is outstanding; it provides the best care and education for the community. Our students are extremely smart and we place the highest regard on their personal presentation and therefore the way they wear the uniform. We value the full support that parents / carers give the academy in ensuring that their child meets the uniform expectations and we expect our students to be in full uniform each day.

Students will be removed from lessons if they are not wearing the correct uniform or their hairstyle, makeup or jewellery does not meet with academy
expectations. Parents/carers and/or students should check with the academy before purchasing items or colouring/styling hair if they are unsure of whether the item/hairstyle/hair colour will meet with academy expectations. The Principal’s decision is final.

Our expectations are clarified below;

Skirt: Skirts should be black, knee length and worn with black opaque tights. The hem of the skirt should lie / remain on the knee at all times. Body-con skirts are not to be worn.

Trousers: Trousers must be straight-legged and be plain black material only, i.e. no tapering (getting thinner) or flaring (widening) towards the ankle. Trousersthat are skinny fit/skin tight, denim, made of heavy cotton material, contain Lycra, or similar stretchy / elastic fabric that would cause them to look skin tight/tapered or with logos are not acceptable. Trousers should not have additional buttons / zips / sequins / rips / studs / poppers / makers’ labels or names on them.

Belt: Plain black only. Belt buckles should be discreet.

Shirt: Plain white shirt with collar (not fitted, tailored or blouses). Both long sleeved and short-sleeved are acceptable. No logos are allowed on shirts. Shirts
should be worn with all buttons done up and also be tucked in properly to trousers/skirts.

Tie: West Lakes Academy year group tie. Ties should be worn with the knot covering the collar button of shirts and a minimum of 4 full stripes should be visible below the knot.

Blazer: Black eco blazer with academy logo.

Tights: Plain black opaque only.

Socks: Plain black only (no trainer socks.)

Footwear: Formal black shoes only. Sandals, backless shoes, boots, plimsolls, or black trainers are not acceptable.

Coats: Coats/ other jumpers/scarves are not permitted to be worn in the building during the school day. These must be stored in the lockers provided, or securely in bags.

Hair: Extreme styles of hair are unacceptable. This may include: unnatural colours (for example red/plum/purple tinted), two tone/dip-dye hair, shaved lines, and shaved patterns, complete shaving of the head (classed as grade 1 or below), and any undercutting. Distinct changes in length (non-graduated) are permissible. However the style should remain more formal i.e. presented in a neat style at all times. Styles such as Mohicans, Mohawks, long spiking up of hair on top of the head or similar are classed as extreme styles and not permitted. If you are in any doubt please contact your child’s head of year before getting hair cut/styled. The above are all examples, the lists are not exhaustive.

The academy’s decision is final which is why we would always advise discussion with staff before any significant change of style is made.
Jewellery: For safety reasons, only one pair of small (<3mm) plain metal (silver or gold) stud earrings can be worn. One ring is allowed. Nose studs, tongue studs and all other forms of body piercing are forbidden in the academy and must be removed before entering the academy. If worn, these will be confiscated by staff and returned at the end of the day.

Religious Observance: Head coverings should be plain black.

Makeup: Makeup should be discreet. Nail varnish, false nails and/or nail art are not to be worn. False eyelashes are also not permitted. Students who are
deemed to be wearing too much make up will be asked to remove it immediately. False tan is not appropriate or acceptable for school and is not inline with our expectations. If this is required for an external event please make contact with the relevant Head of Year. The academy reserves the right to make this decision.

PE Kit:
• Unisex academy PE shirt, choice of short or long sleeves
• Black shorts
• Black skort (female)
• Black socks
• PE hoody (optional)
For information: In every PE lesson, students are required to remove all items of jewellery. This includes earrings and watches. Earring tape is not considered
acceptable to cover piercings; the earring must be taken out.

The academy will provide aprons in science, technology and art to protect the uniform in these subject areas.

Unfiorm standards are modelled below. Year 7 tie colour for 2024 is Blue.